What is chanting?


In almost every major world Religion chanting is an aspect of the practice.  The chanting that we will be discussing is Vedic Chanting.  Vedic chanitng is basically any chanting of hymns or prayers taken from the Vedas.  Veda is the ancient sanskrit word which means "knowledge". The Vedas are a series of ancient scriptures channeled through the ancient sages of India, as they received them from nature.  They glorify praise, humbly surrender, and ask for support, protection, guidance, strength, and peace to the supreme power or higher conciousness, which has many names and forms yet is formless. 

What happens when you chant?

Every time we speak the vibration from each letter will move down the spine to a certain point.  Each letter has a different sound and vibration.  Vedic chanting is a spiritual science that plays your spine similar to a piano.  Each letter is like a key that touches and vibrates certain parts of your spine.  Just like a song you hear on the radio can be uplifting or convey certain feelings, create an atmosphere or energy around those that hear it, so to the chant is a song to your spirit.  Chants awaken latent energies in the body and around us because they are a spiritual science.  Through the spine we have different energy centers called chakras.  These chakras are responsible for our body's function, how we manifest ourselves in this life through emotions, thoughts, our actions etc..  The points that each letter resonates to is one of 6 chakras. Chanting creates a song that will enliven these chakras and allow us to break through, mental, physical, and spiritual blocks.  They allow us to unlock the divine that dwells within us and all around us, everywhere in every moment. When you chant for 30 minutes the vibrations of that chant will keep vibrating for 24 hours, so you will carry the vibration of that chant with you all day long.

Mantras are sacred sounds charged with power. Contained within universal consciousness, mantras were originally heard by highly skilled seers in states of deep meditation. From these sounds, the Sanskrit hymns of the Vedas were uncovered. Repetition of these mantras is now the most common form of meditation worldwide and is said to connect us with our true divine nature. Although the vibrations of the sounds can have profound psychological and physiological effects, another important aspect is the devotion and intention (sankalpa) that one has when reciting the mantra.

Mantra practice can invoke higher consciousness, spiritual experiences or ways of perceiving the abstract world that cannot all be explained by Western science. However, there is now extensive scientific evidence showing that the chanting of mantras can have practical psychological and physiological effects. Mantra practice has been found to reduce stress, depressive symptoms, improve attention, increase social connection and even improve neurological processes. These effects are likely the result of mantra meditation combining rhythmic breathing, sound, mindfulness and attention. Although mantra practice may have these practical benefits, ultimately the main purpose is to evolve to higher states of consciousness and connect with the divinity within you.

Each mantra has its own vibration, associated with specific states of consciousness, that may also be represented by the various deities. Therefore, we can connect to various aspects of spiritual energy through the chanting of different sounds. When we chant the mantras or when we are present where they are chanted, our bodies absorb the sound vibrations and the mantras can then reach every cell of the mind and body bringing healing and connection.

Join us for a 40 day Lakshmi mantra meditation.  The Lakshmi mantra brings prosperity, health, purity, generosity, and invokes beauty, grace, and charm into your life.  You can either chant the mantra alone or with the recording of the mantra on iTunes by Joshua Barr entitled Lakshmi Mantras (download here). We will begin the 40 day Lakshmi mantra meditation this Friday June 9th and conclude on July 18th.  Instructions for the 40 days and summary of the mantra are below: 



Maha Lakshmi Chant

Who is Lakshmi?

Lakshmi translates to goal.  Laksshmi is the embodiment of all divine feminine virtues, she is one who brings prosperity, abundance, good fortune, beauty, health and provides for all wordly and spiritual needs.  She sweeps poverty out from the household, and instills purity into the heart. These chants will bring all of those energies flowing into your life!

Maha Lakshmi Mantra

Om shreem hreem shreem kamale kamalalaye praseeda praseeda shreem hreem shreem om Maha Lakshmiyai namah


Om is the primordial sound which connects us to all of creation through the vibrations of the source energy. Shreem is the bija mantra for Lakshmi and instantaniously connects us to her vibration. Hreem is also a bija mantra to the divine Goddess which also invokes her immediate presence within and around us. Kamale means the purity of the lotus flower and kamalalaye means to relate her to the purity of the lotus flower and expounds on the glory of its beauty. Praseeda is asking for blessings and also describing the eminating presence of the divine mother as being saturated with blessings. Maha means great or glorious. Lakshmiyai namah means I surrender to that great and glorious Goddess. To surrender one gives everything and gives up control as well as troubles to the divine.


Om Namo Narayani


Om is the primordial sound which connects us to all of creation through the vibrations of the source energy.  Namo is literally translated to honor, bow, surrender.  Narayani is literally translated the Divine Mother. So in essence this chant translates to "I surrender to the Divine Mother". 


Instructions for the 40 Day Lakshmi Mantra Meditation:

Light a candle or ghee lamp and leave it lit while you do your practice. The light represents truth that destroys ignorance and suffering, all of which is rooted in the ego. 

Have a mala (a string of 108 beads) that you count on and use to do your mantra meditation or simply chant along with the mantra sound track by Joshua Barr, which is already set to 108 repetitions (download here).

Chant the Lakshmi mantra x108 either out loud or silently in one sitting each day.

When you are finished, each time wear your mala inside your clothes. Try to keep your mala on as much as you can, but it is not compulsory to keep it on all the time.

If you do not have a mala this is fine too. Just continue the mantra meditation along with the mantra sound track by Joshua Barr (download here).

Repeat this every day for 40 days

After the completion of the 40 days you can continue to listen to the Lakshmi Mantra sound track in your home or office playing softly in the background.

Om Namo Narayani